About Our Company

Our Values

Quality, reliability and freshness are the cornerstone of our company values. We work hard to create quality products, reliable services, and the freshest produce on the market today. Our SQF 2000 facilities is the benchmark of our safe food handling practices. This program means our buyers and consumers can have the utmost confidence in the products they are purchasing from Shore Fresh. We maintain these values through our products and services.


Our History

Shore Fresh Packers is owned and operated by the Konrad and Wall families. Our families have farmed asparagus and other crops on the north shore of Lake Erie for over 65 years. Shore Fresh was formed in 2004 to handle the packing and shipping part of the business. We have packed, handled, processed and shipped asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini and many other crops throughout Canada and the USA.


Our Vision

We are located in Southern Ontario on the North shore of Lake Erie. We are surrounded by many vegetable crops and work together with farms of all sizes to bring fresh, clean, healthy produce to market every year. We believe in quality, safety and continual improvement. We also believe in giving back and therefore founded Global Shore Opportunities, which provides educational opportunities for students in Guatemala. 

Our Products

Fresh & Processed Asparagus

Shore Fresh handles over 1500 acres of asparagus grown on the north shore of Lake Erie; the sandy soil in our region is ideal for growing asparagus.  Once the asparagus arrives at the facility, it is thoroughly washed, precision graded, and packed into boxes to be distributed to grocery stores and terminal markets throughout Canada and the United States.

Cored Peppers

Shore Fresh grows over 150 acres of Bell Peppers for fresh and processing markets throughout Canada and the United States.  We offer our customers high quality Bell Peppers that are grown on plastic mulch and drip irrigation systems.  We are proud to offer our processing services: we are set up to core and de-seed bell peppers, producing a completely useable final product.

Food Safety

SQF 2000

We maintain an SQF 2000 program for Packing and Processing of Fresh Produce.

We have extensive experience in on-farm food safety under the CanadaGAP program.


We work with organic products. Our plant, traceability and procedures are all organic compatible.

Are you a Grower?

Shore Fresh Packers supplies packaging, storage, logistics and sales for asparagus grown and packed throughout Canada and the United States.

Our packaging is the most reliable in the industry.

All of our boxes are constructed of corrugated plastic which has the following advantages:

  • 100% recyclable
  • water resistant
  • mold and moisture proof
  • Food Grade
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Lighter weight
  • Puncture and tear resistant

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Our Team

Along with the owners Robert, Ken, Daniel, and Marc (pictured below), our company would only be able to run with the help of hardworking employees. It is essential for any successful agribusiness to have a great team of local workers that return year after year to help with planting and bringing in the harvest.

We are also thankful for the hundreds of local seasonal workers that take part in our harvests each year. Along with them, we have been privileged with the help of migrant employees who continue to travel many miles and sacrifice being close to their families to assist our work here. Each member, whether seasonal or year round, plays a huge role in the success of our crops and we are incredibly grateful for that.

Robert Konrad

“‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ The way I see it, that’s been our motto all along. Working together with the family and good co workers, as well as working together with other farmers to produce a good consistent supply for our consumers is what it’s all about.”

Ken Wall

“I have always felt extremely thankful to have the opportunity to be involved in a business which produces something incredibly healthy and good for us all – fruits and vegetables.  Together with that, I get to work alongside family, friends, competent and talented employees and a dedicated group of fellow growers.  It truly is a privilege to do what I do everyday!”

Daniel Konrad

“I love being able to grow healthy plants and producing an abundance of quality fruits and vegetables. My goal every year is to create a highly productive operation that can grow and excel in all its ventures.”

Marc Wall

“I really enjoy working with family here.  Together, we have been through a lot and I strongly believe that we’ll continue to rise to the challenges that come our way.  I am so thankful for our support team and the great job they do.  Our focus will always be on quality, freshness, and meeting our customers needs.” 

Global Shore Opportunities

While we truly enjoy producing and supporting our families from the asparagus crowns, asparagus and the other fruits and vegetables which we grow, we have come to appreciate that there can be so much more to our lives – “one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his or her possessions”.

In fact, we are firmly of the belief that we have an obligation to care for those who are suffering or in need.  We know and understand that there are many here in Canada that are doing just that in their own way.  We have also been led and motivated to do something as well – and amazingly, that has taken us into the country of Guatemala.

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